ABC features American Grown Flowers for America’s Moms

Anchor David Muir Meets with Florists, Farmers Who Deliver Homegrown Blooms

ABC’s World News Tonight with David Muir featured the growing trend for American Grown Flowers for Mother’s Day.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching and millions buying flowers this week, ABC World News Tonight Anchor David Muir spoke with some florists who are making sure their flowers and greens are grown right here in America.

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Muir talked to designers who are dedicated to creating bouquets and arrangements with American Grown Flowers as well as featuring the farmers who grow the blooms.

David Muir of ABC’s World News Tonight speaks with floral designer Emily Thompson of The Guild regarding the growing trend for American Grown Flowers.

All pointed to what Muir called “a growing trend” – consumers seeking out homegrown blooms for the flowers they give as gifts or bring home.

The feature includes Certified American Grown’s own Green Valley Floral in Salinas, California, along with designers committed to promoting American Grown Flowers.

The ABC report highlights how Emily Thompson sources from all across the country to supply homegrown blooms to her customers.

We couldn’t be more excited that the American Grown Flowers movement is not only spreading, it’s capturing the attention of World News!