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Certified American Grown is a diverse and unified community of small to large domestic flower and greens farms across all seven regions of the United States. Our mission is to ensure the survival and thriving future of the American cut flower and greens farmers.

Certified American Grown impacts policymakers, wholesalers, florists, and consumers on behalf of domestic flower and greens farmers through governmental advocacy and promotion.

The Certified American Grown marketing program is designed to help retailers, wholesalers and florists connect their customers with flowers and greens grown right here in the United States.

This will be a powerful tool to link America's farms with customers who care. Whether you are an emerging micro farm or an established large farm, you will benefit by adding the Certified American grown logo to your marketing, packaging and messaging.

Certified American Grown assures the consumer of:

  • ORIGIN: flowers and foliage are grown in the U.S. by American farmers
  • ASSEMBLY: All ingredients in mixed bouquets are 100% grown AND assembled in the U.S.

If you are a flower or green farmer that would like to become Certified American Grown for your flowers or greens, this program is for you!

Join your fellow flower and greens farmers to help consumers source more locally grown blooms and foliage.

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