Nine New Retailers Excited to Promote American Grown Flowers Month in 2019

Certified American Grown (CAG) recently “set up shop” at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit in Orlando.

Certified American Grown kicked off 2019’s promotions for July at PMA’s Fresh Summit this October. A focus on celebrating American Grown Flowers Month has already proven to drive sales.

With red buckets, beautiful bouquets and bunches all labeled Certified American Grown, the display provided inspiration for retailers that stopped by.

“Drive sales all month long,” helped communicate the opportunities retailers have to increase their sales during the summer slump.

The effort was designed to motivate, encourage and sign up retailers for the American Grown Flowers Month Merchandising Contest, held for the first time last July with great success.

And sign up they did! Nine mass market retailers have already agreed to participate in the second annual contest coming in July 2019, kicking off a great start to proven campaign.

Nine retailers signed up to celebrate American Grown Flowers Month in 2019 during PMA’s Fresh Summit.

Here’s why: data from the contest showed this campaign helps sell more flowers. In fact, the top five stores from each division that participated in the first year of the contest saw a 17.5 percent increase in their year-over-year sales during the month of July.

An example of one of our First Place Winners in 2018. This is the Safeway store in Daly City, California, part of the NorCal Division.

Selling more flowers in July, a typically slow month for flower sales, is something that all retailers can support. In fact nearly 12 retailers representing over 1,200 retail locations participated in the contest in its first year.

The team at Fry’s did an incredible job driving sales and waving the flag during American Grown Flowers Month this year.

We’re thrilled more and more retailers are seeing the value of promoting Certified American Grown, so much so that they’re getting on board with promotional efforts eight months in advance!

It’s a win-win for retailers and consumers who continue to tell us origin matters!

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