Glad-A-Way Gardens

Glad-A-Way Gardens began selling flowers from a roadside stand in Northern California. In the early days, customers referred to buying the fresh cuts as traveling “a ways” to get some glads, hence the name Glad-A-Way was born.

Today Glad-A-Way ships to Wholesalers coast to coast, farming over 350 acres in the rolling hills of Santa Maria, California near the Pacific Ocean. The bright clear sunlight enables Glad-A-Way to harvest outstanding varieties of Gladiolus throughout the long California season.

Glad-A-Way farmers continue to seek new varieties from the worlds foremost breeders, coupled with their own hybridization program. This allows them to provide the award-winning and traditional colors of Prima Classe and Legacy brands. Everything is grown on location, from bulbs to cuts, Glad-A-Ways are proudly made and grown in the USA.



Contact: Sharon San Juan


Phone: 800.874.6770

Fax: 805.938.0470

2669 E. Clark Avenue
Santa Maria, California 93455

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